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Utah Real Haunted Houses - Houses That are Truly Haunted

Looking for some REAL scares? You're in luck -Utah has a rich haunted history, and there's lots of houses across the state that are truly haunted by spirits who haven't quite left the living world yet. Whether you're looking for some real scares this Halloween Season, or you're simply fascinated by Utah's haunted history, you'll want to check out Utah Haunted Houses's database of real haunted houses across Utah that are filled with thrills, chills, and scares year round!
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    This hilltop mansion features 21 rooms and dates back to 1901. Its former owners, the McCunes, donated the historic home to the Mormon Church in 1920 and it then operated as a school of music until 1953 when it became Brigham Young University's Salt Lake City Center. Now restored, it is available for tours by appointment and is rumored to be haunted. Haunting reports here include... Read More

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  •   Lion House Salt Lake City, UT
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    This historic home now operates as an event venue for weddings, and is said to be haunted by shadowy figures that wander through the halls. Some have also claimed to hear a man clearing his throat when there's no one around. Read More

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